Graduate Writing Place

The Graduate Writing Place serves graduate students from all across Northwestern’s many schools, departments, and programs, as well as postdoctoral students and Northwestern faculty. Clients may book appointments for individual writing consultations with Graduate Writing Fellows (PhD candidates at Northwestern) to review a variety of writing, including papers for coursework; conference papers and presentations; journal articles and manuscripts for publication; dissertation proposals and chapters; and materials pertaining to the academic and non-academic job markets.

The Evanston Campus Graduate Writing Place, located at 555 Clark Street, room 206, is open for individual writing consultations from Monday-Friday for 20-30 hours/week. All hours are between 9am-8pm. (See the online schedule for more detail; be sure to select “Graduate Writing Place” from the drop down menu.)

One-on-One Writing Consultations
Appointments in Graduate Writing Place are 1-2 hours in length. The most common type of appointment is a 1 hour, face-to-face meeting. However, clients working on article/chapter-length work who want feedback on the entire piece at once may choose 2 hours of back-to-back appointments. In such cases, the client and writing consultant can together read the work from beginning to end or clients can send the writing (via the scheduling system or, if the file is larger than 1MB, as an attachment to in advance of the appointment. In such instances, the consultant spends the first hour reading the work and jotting notes, which s/he then uses to structure a conversation with the client during the second hour. Clients who register for such an appointment should be sure to indicate this preference when they register so that the Writing Consultant doesn’t expect you during the first hour of your appointment. Such appointments are more appropriate for students who are looking for more synthetic feedback/comments on big picture aspects of their writing (e.g., structure, organization, flow). Students who seek feedback at the sentence/paragraph level should work synchronously with writing consultants.

Though it is always best to work with a writing consultant face-to-face, for graduate students at Northwestern who have fulltime jobs, are conducting research in foreign countries, or simply live outside the Chicago-area, online appointments may be more appropriate. These appointments take place via phone, Skype, or chat, and the student should attach their writing to the appointment block within the system beforehand. In rare instances (normally due to time differences) it is impossible to conduct synchronous online appointments with a student. In such cases, clients should email to ask about setting up an asynchronous online appointment. Clients should also be advised that writing consultants will not perform grammatical line editing during such appointments.

Clients may book up to 4 hours of appointments/month (though no more than 2 hours of appointments/week) in the Graduate Writing Place. For more information about booking appointments, please see the policies tab on this website.


The Graduate Writing Place is supported in part by The Graduate School.