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Working as a Graduate Assistant or Fellow

In the 2020-2021 Academic Year, the Graduate Writing Place will offer two types of opportunities for advanced PhD candidates who wish to augment their writing, leadership, and teaching skills at the same time they improve the writing skills of other graduate students at Northwestern.

Fellowship and Assistantship Time Commitments:

  • Ten nine-month (September-May) Graduate Writing Fellowships (~5 hours/week)
  • One twelve-month (June-May) Graduate Assistantship (15-20 hours/week)

Responsibilities and Stipends:

Both Graduate Writing Fellows and the GA will work one-on-one with graduate students from across the university to respond to their writing in progress and to coach them in principles of expression, argumentation, and organization. Moreover, the Fellows and GA will draw on their own disciplinary expertise and interests to help develop workshops, events, and resources that cater to both broad and specific graduate student audiences.

Fellows earn a $3000 stipend, which augments funding they are already receiving from their home departments and programs.
The GA earns a full stipend, equivalent to what they would receive from their home departments.

Additionally, PhD students may “bank” up to 4 quarters of University funding to be used during their sixth year at the discretion of their home school.

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Why work at the Writing Place?

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Writing Place Fellowships are supported by The Graduate School.