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Working as an Undergraduate Consultant

The Writing Place is staffed by a talented group of juniors and seniors who are good writers and—equally important—good readers, listeners, and responders. When they are not working one-on-one with clients, Writing Place consultants engage in various forms of community and university outreach, including social media, videos, resource development, workshops, class visits, and special projects.




The responsibilities of Writing Place consultants include:
  • One-on-one consulting: assisting writers from the Northwestern community at any stage of the writing process, on topics from any discipline, through face-to-face and distance sessions
  • Content and program development: developing resources and programs for Writing Place staff, clients, and other writers in the university
  • Professional development: participating in staff meetings and other professional development as provided and proactively continuing to learn more about writing and to fill in gaps in your knowledge
  • Outreach: speaking to classes and groups of students about the Writing Place and promoting the Writing Place at activities fairs, through social media, and through special events


The benefits of being a Writing Place consultant are numerous.
In addition to earning money, consultants:
  • Learn to teach and work with writers who come from a variety of backgrounds and possess a range of skills and interests
  • Cultivate knowledge about the writing process and ways of looking at writing that may be unfamiliar to them
  • Learn about writing in different disciplines and genres beyond their major
  • Advance their own writing skills through exposure to the work of others and the consultation experience
  • Develop leadership and presentation skills while planning and leading workshops.
  • Are identified as skilled writers by peers, mentors, and potential employers


Starting pay is $13.00 per hour.


To qualify for this job, you should:
  • Be a junior or senior in 2020-2021
  • Be a solid, experienced writer and a good student
  • Enjoy working with others and handling responsibility
  • Have good interpersonal communication skills
  • Be self-directed to work on Writing Place resources and projects when you have time during work shifts
  • Be able to register for English 304, Practical Rhetoric, in Fall 2020*

You do not need to qualify for work study.

*English 304  combines readings, discussion, and peer tutoring experience. It is a co-requisite with beginning to work in the Writing Place. The class is scheduled to from 4:00 to 6:00 PM on Mondays during FQ, though the time and format may be flexible if FQ is a remote quarter.  

If you are studying abroad or cannot register for English 304 in the fall for some other reason, please apply anyway. If there is a need, we will offer an additional section of  English 304 in the Winter, to accommodate those who cannot take the class in the Fall.

For additional information, contact Professor Barbara Shwom ( )or Professor Meaghan Fritz ( in the Cook Family Writing Program.

Why work at the Writing Place?

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